Senzicare Herbal Panty Liner Pack of 60

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Senzicare Herbal Panty Liner | Protects against Spotting & Light Discharge | Breathable & Rash Free Pantyliner (60 Count )

Brand Senzicare
Size 1 count (Pack of 60)
Material Cotton
Material Feature Breathable Liners , Herbal Strips
Net Quantity 60.00 count
Number of Items 60

About this item

  • Daily Freshness: Senzicare Pantyliners are thin, absorbent pads designed to be worn in the underwear to maintain daily freshness. They are not meant for heavy menstrual flow but are ideal for light spotting, discharge, or for added protection when wearing tampons or menstrual cups.
  • Breathability: These liners often have a breathable design, allowing for air circulation to prevent moisture buildup and promote overall vaginal health.
  • Comfort and Discretion: Pantyliners are incredibly thin and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. They are discreet and virtually invisible under clothing, so they don’t create bulk or cause discomfort.
  • Herbal Infusion: Senzicare pantyliners are infused with natural and herbal ingredients that provide not only protection but also gentle care for intimate hygiene.
  • Skin-Friendly: Senzicare’s pantyliners are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. The herbal components can help reduce irritation and allergies, ensuring comfort and well-being throughout the day.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: Senzicare herbal pantyliners are crafted with an ultra-thin design. This slim and discreet profile ensures that you can wear them comfortably without feeling bulky or conspicuous under your clothing.



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