Caring for your period panties properly ensures they remain effective, comfortable, and long-lasting. Period panties are like superheroes, always there for you when you need them the most. However, just like they take care of you, your period panties need some care too to keep them performing at their best. Here are three tips to ensure they remain reusable and eco-friendly.


Here are three ways to care for them:

No #1: Rinse

There’s no more comfortable feeling than saying goodbye to your period panties at the end of the day!

Before tossing them in the wash, give them a thorough rinse under cold water. Picture yourself as a creative director, pouring water over them like you’re filming a commercial.

Rinse until the water runs clear; this helps remove odors and stains from the panties.

No #2: Gentle Cleansing

Just as you cherish that favorite dress you bought with your first salary, show the same love to your period panties.

Gently clean them with a mild detergent—no harsh chemicals allowed.

Choose hand washing over machine washing. Your panties will appreciate the extra care.


No #3: Hang Dry

We know you don’t want to make more effort, so here’s the final step to follow! Your friendly neighborhood 

dryer can be your enemy too, and we can sense the fear on your period panty’s face—the terror of the 

never-ending roller coaster ride, the screams of elastic bands. Save them by gently ditching the dryer and 

taking the air-drying approach they deserve. Let them bask in the sunlight or hang out with the breeze for a while.


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